Cryptocurrency prices today, Thursday, the return of Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency prices jumped during trading today, Thursday, and Bitcoin continued to rise by 7.14% in 24 hours.

Bitcoin BTC rose to near the level of $ 38 thousand, during Thursday’s trading, to continue yesterday’s rally, when it jumped 8.54% to $ 36 thousand and 265.

Experts have suggested that the success of the US authorities in recovering a ransom paid in Bitcoin by an American company to hackers has sparked a sell-off, after the theory that dealing with cryptocurrencies outside government control became doubtful.

But digital currencies regained their balance during today’s trading, and began to gradually rise, after the shock of the coup of American billionaire Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, on it, and talk about capital gains taxes and corporate taxes.

Bitcoin price today

Bitcoin BTC jumped during Thursday’s trading, by about 7.14%, to record the price of 37,714 dollars, compared to 36,265 dollars at the close of trading on Wednesday.

And the price of the first encrypted currency in the world changes in an instant, and the current record was monitored at the time of writing the report at 1:08 pm GMT.

And the market value of the bitcoin currency globally increased to $708.61 billion, compared to $639.91 billion at the close of trading on Wednesday.

The Ethereum coin (Ethereum) fell during Thursday’s trading by 0.53% to $ 2555.63, compared to $ 2529.85 on Wednesday.

Dogecoin height

The DOGE currency (Dogecoin) rose by 0.32% to reach the level of $0.3345, compared to $0.3292 at the close of trading on Wednesday.

XRP increased by 0.35% to reach the level of $0.8827, compared to $0.8701 yesterday.

The Litecoin (LTC) currency also increased during Thursday’s trading by 4.09% to $ 170.23 compared to $ 160.77, at the close of trading yesterday.

The price of the Polkadot DOT coin increased by 7.51% to $23.71 compared to $21.83 yesterday.

The digital currency Chainlink LINK decreased by 0.17% to $24.35, compared to $23.17 on Wednesday.

Still, “Bitcoin” is far from its peak in 2021, and it has gone from being the most profitable asset this year to one of the regular assets that some traditional assets outperform.

Since the beginning of trading this month, cryptocurrencies have been struggling to overcome their losses last May.


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