Crypto Bitcoin records a record exodus of flows in a week


Data from cryptocurrency management CoinShares released Monday showed that bitcoin funds and products saw a record outflow of inflows last week as investors remained wary of the world’s largest cryptocurrency.
Outflows from Bitcoin amounted to $141 million in the week ending June 4, representing 8.3 percent of the net outflows it has attracted this year. Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin continues to show an inflow of $4.2 billion.
The data showed that the cryptocurrency sector as a whole suffered an outflow of $94.2 million last week.
Bitcoin fell in late trading today 0.6 percent to $ 35,591. Over the course of May, the digital currency fell 35.4 percent. Since the beginning of June, Bitcoin has fallen 4.8 percent, according to Reuters.
In contrast, Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency, continued to attract inflows of $33 million last week. Since the beginning of the year, inflows to Ether products and funds totaled $1 billion.


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