Criticism of Myriam Fares


Although days have passed since the “documentary” of singer Myriam Fares was shown on the Netflix platform, titled “Treachery, Donia”, the echoes are still receiving more criticism, and the followers wondered where the exclusivity was or what was the suffering that Myriam Fares experienced during the quarantine in The world or beyond and deserves to be told live or on stage?

In addition to the number of attacks and questions about the importance of the topic of pregnancy and childbirth and what is the main meaning of the audience knowing the story, or through scenes that suggest its richness and affordable affairs, at a time when the Lebanese people are suffering from serious economic distress.

And the “Nawaem” website learned that after all these criticisms, the Netflix administration will re-examine the characters or the guests, whether they are suitable for the work of a photographer or not.

It is reported that Myriam Fares’ documentary has so far achieved more than 4 million followers on YouTube, at a time when criticism continues, some of which reach or reach the limits of insults.


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