Crises confuse Brazil in Copa America |


Rio de Janeiro – The Copa America kicks off next week in Brazil, which has undergone many changes over the past months, completely changing its venue from Argentina and Colombia to the country of samba.

The decision to move the tournament drew criticism at the organizing committee and the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), due to the problems surrounding the tournament and its new venue.

The participating teams are increasingly concerned about the health situation in Brazil, which is still suffering from the consequences of the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus in various parts of the country. Brazil faces many challenges that it will have to overcome to bring the tournament to safety.

The first crisis facing the new host of the Copa America is the objection of a number of samba stars to competing in their countries, in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic.

This was evident in the statements of captain Casemiro, who confirmed in a press statement after the Paraguay match in the World Cup qualifiers for Qatar, that the players will talk about the matter at the appropriate time, without providing any explanations or information about the current situation.

Leaders Communication

The problem will not stop at the Brazil team only. Ecuadorean national team defender Robert Arboleda confirmed that there are contacts with the leaders of the ten teams participating in the oldest continental tournament in order to talk about the fate of the tournament, and take the appropriate decision regarding it.

Globosporte confirmed that the players refused to attend a meeting held by CONMEBOL in order to talk about the details of the tournament, an event attended by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and confirmed that his country is ready to host and organize the Copa America in the best possible way.

The first crisis facing the new host of the Copa America is the objection of a number of samba stars to the competitions

While Bolsonaro confirms his country’s readiness to host the tournament, Brazil is suffering from one of the worst waves of the Corona virus in the year, an epidemic that has killed 470,000 Brazilians so far, with a rate higher than 1,600 daily deaths, which worries all participants in the tournament. .

The judiciary may deal a fatal blow to the tournament, especially after more than one Brazilian party objected to holding the tournament in the country in light of the instability of the situation, and submitted it to the Supreme Court.

It is expected that the court will take its decision in the coming days, which may cause a real crisis for the championship and the involvement of more than one party in judicial conflicts that may end in canceling the competitions. Throughout the tournament’s history, many records and historical moments were recorded.

Record numbers

The 1999 edition in Paraguay witnessed the fastest goal in the history of the tournament, which was scored by Argentine Kelly Gonzalez against Uruguay after only 68 seconds to the start of the match.

That match was held in the third round of the group stage, so that the tango dancers were able to win it in the end with two goals without a response, compensating for their loss in the previous round at the hands of Colombia (0-3).

And it seems that speed runs in Argentine blood, as the fastest hat-trick in the history of the tournament was scored by Jose Manuel Moreno in 1942. The former Argentine player scored 3 goals in just 10 minutes, during a confrontation against Ecuador.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed that his country is ready to host and organize the Copa America in the best possible way

Moreno was not satisfied with that hat-trick, but increased it with two more goals in the 32nd and 89th minutes, to lead the Argentine team to sweep Ecuador with a historic victory (12-0).

The Argentine domination of records related to the championship continues, with the success of the legend Lionel Messi in scoring the fastest hat-trick for a substitute player in the 2016 edition.

Messi started the Tango match against Panama on the bench, but he participated since the 61st minute, but he only needed 7 minutes to score with his first goal.

In just 19 minutes, the flea completed his hat-trick, recording the fastest hat-trick for a substitute in the history of the Copa America, which contributed to Argentina’s 5-0 victory.


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