Corona Virus: Scientists find a treatment that “reduces the risk of death” with Covid-19 without resorting to vaccines


  • Michelle Roberts
  • Health editor, BBC

Virus prevention illustration

picture released, Getty Images

A year after discovering the effectiveness of an inexpensive steroid drug and providing protection against the risk of death from infection with Covid, researchers say they have found another treatment that saves patients’ lives.

This new treatment, which is expensive, involves injecting antibodies into a vein to neutralize the virus, rather than inhibiting the body’s response to it.

The results of the experiment known as “Recovery” indicate that the new treatment may help one in three people with severe infection with Covid and receiving hospital care.

Pioneering treatment

Patients, whose bodies can’t already make any antibodies to fight the virus, must get treatment, which costs between £1,000 and £2,000.


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