Corona virus mutates more than 30 times in the body of a woman infected with AIDS


In a rare case in South Africa, the Corona virus remained in the body of a woman infected with HIV (AIDS) for seven months, after it mutated more than 30 times, including two dangerous copies, according to researchers published in a study. What is the reason?
Researchers at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban revealed that this 36-year-old woman was infected with the Corona virus in September 2020, as the new virus settled in her body for seven months, according to the German “Praxis Vita” website, quoting the “Insider” website.
A study, which has not yet been subject to a scientific review of this individual case, was published on June 3, 2021, where researchers found, according to the study, that the virus had mutated more than 30 times, after 13 changes were detected in the Spike protein and 19 other types that could affect the behavior of the virus.

Several of these mutations are cause for concern, especially two: E484K, which is part of the alpha variant (formerly B.1.1.7) and N510Y, which is part of the beta (formerly B.1.351).

These results show that the possibility of corona mutations in patients infected with HIV remains more frequent. Professor Tulio de Oliveira, who supervises the study, attributes this to the weak immune system of people infected with HIV, as the Corona virus can remain inside their bodies for a long time.

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