Corona virus kidnaps Syrian director Mohamed Ferdous Atassi


Muhammad Ferdows Atasi

The Syrian artistic community was afflicted by the great director, Muhammad Ferdous Atassi, yesterday, at the age of 79, due to complications from his infection with the Corona virus.

The late is one of the most prominent Syrian directors, as he served as the head of the directors department in Syrian state television for four years.

Atassi studied film directing in Czechoslovakia, then obtained a master’s degree in directing from the Academy of Arts in Prague, and has been a member of the Artists’ Union since 1971.

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He began his directing career through the series “Al Bayader” in 1976, and among his most prominent works are: “Midnight Dreams,” “Narrow Paths,” “The Doctor,” “The Will,” “Family Memoirs,” “Yaqout Al Hamwi,” “The Judge,” Summer Snows, “The Black Painting”, the last of which was the series “Watan Haf” in 2015.

He received many gold, silver and bronze awards from the Cairo, Tehran, Tunis, Riyadh, and Prague festivals.

Atassi mourned a group of Syrian artists who worked in front of his lens and contributed to making their stars, such as Karis Bashar, Suzan Najmuddin and Amal Arafa.


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