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India announced the lowest daily increase in Corona injuries in two months, and Moscow feared a new wave of infection, and Mexico said that a quarter of its population had contracted the disease so far. At a time, calls continue to be made for rich countries to provide vaccines to the entire world.

Today, Saturday, the data of the Indian Ministry of Health showed that 84,332 new infections were recorded during the past 24 hours, which is the lowest number recorded in more than two months.

The data indicated that the number of injuries in the country now stands at 29.4 million, while the total number of deaths is 367,081 after 4,002 deaths were recorded during the night.

On the other hand, the Mexican Ministry of Health said yesterday that the General Health and Nutrition Survey shows that about 31.1 million people, or about a quarter of the population of 126 million, have been infected with the Corona virus, which is much more than the number of infections recorded in the country.

The ministry provided this estimate with the country recording 3,282 new infections and 243 deaths, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to about two million and 448 thousand cases, and deaths to 229 thousand and 823 cases.

The government has said more than once that the real number of injuries is likely to be much higher, and separate data published in March stated that the actual number of deaths may be at least 60% higher than the confirmed figure.

Preparing the corpses of Corona victims for cremation in New Delhi (Reuters)

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control announced this morning that the number of new infections in the country during the past 24 hours reached 1,911, compared to 2,294 cases last Saturday.

The institute also recorded 129 new deaths, compared to 122 cases last Saturday.

These numbers show the significant decrease compared to the highest number of daily infections, which reached 33,777 on December 18, and the highest daily death toll from the virus so far was recorded on January 14, with 1,244 cases.

According to the institute’s data, this brings the total number of confirmed cases to 3 million and 713 thousand and 480 cases, and the total deaths in the country are 89 thousand and 816 cases.

In Russia, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin warned – in television statements – of a new wave, and said, “We were expecting the peak of the epidemic to occur in the spring, but now we see that this has moved to the current and next two months.”

Sobyanin estimated that almost half of Muscovites now have some level of immunity to the virus, but at the same time he stressed that treating infected people is becoming increasingly difficult and that “the danger is real.”

On Friday, the Russian authorities announced that 5,853 new infections had been recorded in Moscow, the highest toll since mid-January.

Vaccine distribution

Regarding the distribution of vaccines, the director of the European Medicines Agency, Emir Kok, said Friday that she was still confident in the effectiveness of vaccines in the face of the spread of mutated versions of the virus, but indicated that the situation could “evolve rapidly.”

“I thought we would be at a much less advanced stage than we are today. It is exceptional to have 4 vaccines at the time the pandemic was declared 15 months ago,” said the Irish official, who has headed the agency since November 2020.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, on Friday, Cook called for ensuring that “the whole world” has access to vaccines against the virus, not just the countries that are able to buy them.

This comes in conjunction with the continuing discussions of the leaders of the seven major economic countries, on the second day of the group’s summit in Cornwall, southwest England, amid expectations that these rich countries pledge to provide one billion doses to the most deprived groups in the world.

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