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The countries of the world are accelerating their steps to vaccinate the largest possible number of their residents, amid fears of a third pandemic wave and of new viral mutations that are multiplying in regions of the world.

A Reuters statistic shows that more than 172 million people have been infected with the emerging coronavirus worldwide, while the total number of deaths resulting from the virus has reached 3 million and 865 thousand.

The following are the most prominent developments related to this virus during the past hours:

Trump attacks Fauci and China

Former US President Donald Trump launched a sharp attack on the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, over his handling of the Corona epidemic, and demanded compensation from China, during a conference in North Carolina.

In a speech at the state’s Republican Party convention, Trump joined a group of Republican politicians criticizing Fauci for his call for Americans to wear masks to prevent the Corona virus, which has at times questioned a theory that the virus emerged from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Trump described Fauci as “not a great doctor, but an expert in promotion”, for his frequent appearances on television stations, adding, “He was wrong on almost every issue, and in Wuhan and the laboratory as well.”

The origin of the virus is still disputed, and is subject to a study by the US Intelligence Agency.

Trump demanded that China pay 10 trillion dollars in compensation to the United States and the world because of the virus, and said that the countries of the world should cancel their debts to Beijing.

Johnson calls for the completion of vaccination of the world’s population before the end of 2022

For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the leaders of the Group of Seven countries to commit to vaccinating the world’s population against the Corona virus before the end of 2022.

Johnson will host the first actual summit of the group in nearly two years, after the meeting of the group’s finance ministers ended on Saturday.

The British Prime Minister said he would seek a pledge to achieve the goal of immunizing the world’s population against the epidemic.

“Immunizing the world by the end of next year will be the single greatest achievement in the history of medicine,” Johnson said in a statement. “I call on the leaders of the Group of Seven, my comrades, to join us in eradicating this horrific epidemic, and to pledge that we will never allow this devastation caused by the Corona virus to repeat.”

The leaders of France, Germany, the United States, Italy, Japan, the European Union and Canada will join Johnson at the 3-day summit in Cornwall, southwest England, which will be US President Joe Biden’s first foreign trip since taking office last January.

India relaxes lockdown rules

Today, Sunday, India announced 114,460 new infections with the emerging coronavirus, the lowest number in two months, and an increase in the number of deaths by 2,677, while regions in the country prepared to ease movement restrictions imposed to combat the pandemic.

India has the second highest number of corona infections in the world after the United States, as data from the Ministry of Health show that the total number reached 28 million and 800 thousand cases, while the total deaths amounted to 346,000.

A second wave of the disease that swept the country’s rural areas has not yet subsided, but the capital, New Delhi, and other cities are working to allow more businesses and companies to return to their activities and ease movement restrictions, starting from Monday.

The state of Maharashtra (west of the country), which is the richest state of India and suffered the highest number of infections in the second wave, plans to start this week in stages in easing strict public isolation measures imposed last April.

Scientists have warned that a third wave of corona may hit India later this year, and will likely affect children more.

Morocco begins issuing the “vaccination passport”

The Moroccan government announced the issuance of the “vaccination passport” for people who received two doses of the anti-Corona vaccine, starting tomorrow, Monday.

The government said in a statement that, in accordance with the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, the government had created the “vaccination passport”, which people who received two doses of the anti-Corona vaccine can obtain from Monday. June 7, by downloading it from a website.

The statement explained that this “vaccination passport” constitutes an official document that is safe and recognized by the authorities, and allows its holder – without the need for an additional document – to roam throughout the national territory without restrictions, and to move after the eleventh, as well as to travel abroad.

The number of vaccines worldwide

In the same context, the total number of vaccines in vaccinations against the Corona virus around the world increased to 2.9 billion doses.

And new data issued by the tracking website “Our World in Data” indicated that the number of vaccines against the Corona virus used globally amounted to 2.9 billion doses.

Our World in Data is a science website sponsored by the University of Oxford, UK, and focuses on major global challenges such as poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war and inequality.

China tops the list with more than 744.4 million doses, followed by the United States with 299.1 million, according to the tracking website.

India gave 227.8 million doses, Brazil 70.74 million, the United Kingdom 66.75 million, Germany 54.24 million, France 38.81 million, Italy 37.7 million, Mexico 33.78 million, and Russia 30.5 million doses.

Turkey is ranked 11th in the world, with the total number of vaccinations in the country reaching more than 30 million as of Saturday evening, followed by Spain, Indonesia and Canada.

Since most corona vaccines are given in two doses, the number of vaccines given does not reflect the number of individuals who have been fully vaccinated.

Since December 2019, the epidemic has killed more than 3.71 million people in 192 countries and regions, with more than 172.64 million infections reported worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

The United States, India and Brazil remain the most affected countries in terms of the number of HIV infections and deaths.

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