Corona in Morocco..a serious warning and fear of a setback


A group of experts in the field of medicine and viruses expressed their fear of an epidemiological setback in Morocco, due to the citizens’ inaction and disregard for preventive and health measures, describing the situation as “worrying”.
These experts confirm that as soon as the Moroccan government announced the decision to reduce the precautionary measure, reopen the borders to Moroccans abroad and allow parties to be organized, it was found that most citizens do not adhere to preventive measures such as putting a muzzle.
A number of doctors warn of the seriousness of the health situation, if citizens continue to lax adherence to these measures, noting that this would raise the cases of injuries and deaths from the “Covid 19” disease caused by the virus, which means pressure on the recovery departments in hospitals and clinics. .
In this regard, Tayeb Acidi, a doctor who researches health policies and systems, told Sky News Arabia that some citizens do not respect preventive and health measures, noting that the authorities in Morocco “have embarked on mitigation measures, both inside the country with respect to the external borders towards the Moroccans of the world, Or foreign tourists in order to enter our country, but according to special conditions and protocol, and there was a tightening of adherence to health measures.”

The virus is still living among us
“Those citizens who are flouting the measures should know, although Morocco is witnessing a successful vaccination campaign against the Covid-19 virus, and a stable epidemiological situation, but the virus is still living with us and among us, not to mention the presence of strains in our country, and other strains that can enter the country via The path of travel and transportation.
The researcher in health systems believes that “in the event of failure to achieve group immunity and limit the pandemic, health measures must be adhered to, represented by wearing a muzzle in closed places, maintaining ventilation and sterilization, and avoiding gatherings.”
He explains that when these procedures are respected, people can move, eat meals in restaurants, and relax on the beaches.
On the other hand, Al-Hadidi called on people aged 40 and 50 years and above, who were not vaccinated, to go to health centers in order to receive the vaccine, in order to protect themselves from infection with the virus.
In this context, acid confirms that if these people do not receive the vaccine, the positive cases will increase, and the recovery departments will experience great pressure, and then a rise in the number of deaths.

The doctor himself stresses the need to be careful to avoid a fierce wave, and to fully adhere to the restrictive measures to allow a possible recovery throughout the summer.
In this aspect, the researcher in health policies and systems calls for people aged between 40 and 50 years and above to take the vaccine in order to protect themselves from possible infection with the virus, and indicates that in the absence of vaccination, positive cases will inevitably rise, and the recovery departments will experience pressure. large, which will result in an increase in the number of deaths.
Hamidi concluded his statement, with the need to adhere to preventive and health measures, and unvaccinated citizens to take the vaccine, in order to return to normal life, given that young people under 40 years of age are not protected from infection with the virus, despite recording a lower death rate than elderly people, or those with chronic diseases. .
worrying situation
For his part, Professor Abdallah Badou, Research Professor of Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hassan II University in Casablanca, confirms to Sky News Arabia that the epidemiological situation in Morocco has been stable or semi-stable, since the beginning of last February.
He explains, “When we carefully analyze the epidemiological situation through the recorded numbers, including the number of daily infections, deaths and the number of new serious cases, we notice stability in general, despite some slight increases that are recorded from time to time.”
Badou adds that these slight increases did not change the general trend of the daily infection index, which is still generally stable.
The professor, researcher in immunology, highlights that “Covid-19 is accustomed to sudden and rapid fluctuations, and therefore what we observe today in all Moroccan cities of laxity in respecting precautionary measures is very worrying.”
The Secretary General of the Society for Immunology says: “We are going through a crucial period, witnessing the arrival of the summer holidays, the resumption of flights to and from Morocco, the arrival of Moroccans living from abroad, in addition to the approach of Eid al-Adha, which in turn witnesses gatherings and movements, which are sure to witness an important rise during this period, That will make this stage crucial and must be taken seriously.”
And he added, “We must not forget that there are more dangerous viral variants than those diagnosed in Morocco, and I especially mention the Indian variant, or the so-called ‘delta’, which is known to spread more rapidly and with less efficacy than vaccines to neutralize.”
Baddou pointed out that the numbers and indicators are almost stable in our country, and gave a false impression that the virus has been defeated, but in fact, he says, “The virus is still among us and a setback may occur if we persist in complacency.”
The Ministry of Health is sounding the alarm
The Ministry of Health has warned of the danger of not adhering to the preventive measures related to Covid-19, against the background of the noticeable laxity that has been recorded in recent days regarding preventive measures.
A statement from the Ministry of Health, a copy of which was obtained by “Sky News Arabia”, stated that persistence in inaction would lead to an epidemic setback, especially with the summer vacation and the resumption of international flights to and from Morocco, as well as the gradual lifting of night-time caution measures in addition to the approach of Eid al-Adha.
In this context, the Ministry once again calls upon all female citizens to strictly adhere to the precautionary measures and respect the preventive measures against Covid-19 recommended by the relevant National Scientific Committee, and the health authorities in our country, represented in properly wearing the mask, and ensuring hygiene. Respecting physical distancing and avoiding unnecessary gatherings.
The Ministry stressed that respect for all preventive and protective measures is a citizen’s behavior and an appreciation of the tremendous efforts made, in order to preserve the results and gains achieved.


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