Corona counter recedes and immunity is progressing towards 50%, the “Pfizer” marathon, Saturday and Sunday, in 42 centers


At a time when the Pfizer vaccination marathon will start tomorrow, Saturday, and the day after tomorrow, Sunday, in 42 centers identified by the Ministry of Health in various Lebanese regions, the Corona counter continued to record low numbers in injuries and deaths, and confirms positive indicators in the process of controlling the epidemic in Lebanon, especially since the vaccination campaigns that continue are expected to It raises the rate of community immunity, which has reached the limits of 50 percent, according to a number of experts, noting that the continuation of the regressive path of the epidemic puts Lebanon in the first stage in terms of the number of injuries and deaths, which decreased with the decline of Corona to a record, in addition to the decline in the number of injured in hospitals to less than 150 patients. .

And the Ministry of Public Health announced in its daily report yesterday on Corona developments, which is about the developments of the epidemic last Wednesday, that 229 new cases of Corona virus were recorded, divided between 198 local and 31 expatriates, bringing the cumulative number of Corona infections since February 21, 2020, the date of recording the first infection in Lebanon to 542,169 injuries. While the number of cases of full laboratory recovery reached 525,900 cases. As for the active cases during the last 14 days, they reached 2579. In the report, 5 deaths were also recorded, which raised the total number of Corona deaths since the first death was recorded on March 10, 2020 in Lebanon to 7,785 deaths. As for the health sector, no injuries were recorded among workers, bringing the total number of injuries in the sector to 2709 positive cases. The report indicated that the number of Corona PCR examinations that were conducted last Wednesday, amounted to 14,586 examinations. The overall positive test rate was 1.6%. The number of hospitalizations for Covid-19 beds in hospitals decreased, and according to the report, their number reached 141, including 78 cases in intensive care and 21 cases with artificial respiration. As for the cumulative number of those vaccinated with the first dose against the Corona virus, until last Wednesday, it reached 585,721, with a coverage rate of 12.3% of the population. The number of recipients of the second dose reached 309658, with a coverage rate of 6.5%. As for the cumulative number of those registered to receive the vaccine, according to the IMPACT database, it reached 1628611, with a population coverage rate of 23.9%.

In the vaccination campaigns, the Ministry of Public Health is organizing the third Pfizer Marathon “according to the plan of the Executive Committee for the vaccine for 55 years and over, in addition to people with special needs, tomorrow Saturday and the day after tomorrow Sunday in all governorates from eight in the morning until six in the evening.”

The ministry indicated that it will move the dates set earlier for people with special needs on Saturday and Sunday, and the polling stations will be open for them to expedite their immunization, stressing the importance of pre-registration on the platform for those who have not registered so far in order to avoid crowding and immunize the largest certain percentage of people. The necessity of pre-registration applies to the entire target group mentioned above.

She affirmed her commitment and her daily endeavor to achieve community immunization as soon as possible, whether through the weekly marathon initiative or by intensifying appointments on the platform.

The ministry has identified 42 centers in various regions and districts designated for the marathon.


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