Coral Abu Dhabi presents “Sin It? Sing It!”


The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi hosts the Abu Dhabi Choir to present a virtual musical performance titled “Sin It? Sing It!” 8 pm next Wednesday, coinciding with World Music Day.
Featuring scenes and songs from classical musicals, the show will feature 25 members from 10 countries who have contributed to the group’s success and built an audience base in the UAE. They will perform unforgettable songs from popular Abu Dhabi choir performances including “Wizard of Oz” and “Beauty and the Beast”.
Caroline Kelly, Group Chairman, said: “We are pleased to introduce a new virtual show in the UAE through our collaboration with the Centre.
The group is committed to providing a variety of musical entertainment shows at reasonable prices for all segments of the Abu Dhabi community.”
“The focus of the group is on the community, and we at the center believe that the community is a living expression of the city’s culture, and without a doubt, Seen It? Sing It!” It will reflect a wonderful and dynamic performance by the distinguished Coral Abu Dhabi Group.”


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