Copa America in the wind


Brasilia – AFP
The fate of the Copa America was in jeopardy a few days before its launch, with the Brazilian Supreme Court entering the line on Tuesday, after announcing the holding of hearings regarding two requests submitted to it, to prevent the holding of the continental championship in the country, at a time when the players of “Celesao” expressed their opposition to its establishment on their land, especially since Brazil is one of the countries most affected by “Covid-19”.
The Confederation of African Football (CONMEBOL) is struggling to hold the continental championship, which was originally postponed from last summer, due to the repercussions of the Corona virus.
The tournament, which includes 10 teams, is scheduled to start on Sunday and continue until July 10, and was originally scheduled in Colombia and Argentina, but the first was excluded due to violent anti-government protests, and the second due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
With the opening match approaching, Brazil stepped in last week to rescue the tournament after CONMEBOL knocked Argentina out of the hospitality accounts.
But Brazil is also suffering from “Covid-19”, and experts warn that it is facing a new boom that a major international sports tournament may exacerbate.
The epidemic has so far claimed the lives of nearly 475,000 people in Brazil, which ranks second in terms of the number of deaths behind the United States.
It now appears that holding the tournament in Brazil is not a given after the Supreme Court entered the line, to discuss the possibility of preventing its holding in the country.
Its president, Louise Fox, said Tuesday that due to the “exceptional nature of the case” the decision was made for the 11-member court to hear the case in an extraordinary virtual session Thursday.
A few hours later, the players of the Brazilian national team came out with a joint statement after their sixth consecutive victory in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup at the expense of their host Paraguay 2-0, in which they said: “We are against organizing the Copa America, but we will never say no to the Brazilian national team.”
It was reported that Neymar and his teammates with coach Tite were not at all aware that the tournament would move to their country.
The players directed their arrows at CONMEBOL, expressing their “dissatisfaction with the way CONMEBOL dealt with the Copa America. The recent events lead us to believe that the process of organizing the tournament is inappropriate.”


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