Copa America: Colombia falls by friendly fire


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Brasilia (AFP)

Colombia fell with friendly fire and thus missed the opportunity to settle its ticket to the quarter-finals of the Copa America for the South American teams in Brazil, by losing 1-2 to Peru on Sunday in Guyana in the third round of Group A competitions.

Colombia had the opportunity to catch up with hosts Brazil, the winner of its first two matches, to the quarter-finals, after entering the Peruvian meeting with four points from its opening victory over Ecuador 1-0, then drawing it negatively with Venezuela in a match that completely dominated it, but it was unable to reach the net.

But Peru, which suffered a severe defeat in its first match against Brazil 0-4, surprised it on Sunday and boosted its chances of reaching the quarter-finals by winning three points from two matches thanks to an own goal scored by Yerry Mina against his country.

Colombia found itself behind since the 17th minute, when Yoshimar Yoton hit the ball from outside the area, rebounding from the post and falling in front of Sergio Peña, who followed it into the net.

Colombia waited until the beginning of the second half to equalize from a penalty kick caused by goalkeeper Pedro Gayesi by dropping Miguel Borja in the forbidden area, so the latter blew it and successfully converted it into the net (53).

But the Colombian joy in the draw did not last long, as Mina turned the ball into the net with his chest after a corner kick by Christian Cueva (64), adding to his country its first defeat in the tournament and the first also against Peru in the last 11 confrontations between them, especially since the 2011 Copa America semi-final (0- 2 ot).

Colombia was hoping to be decisive for its qualification when it faces Brazil on Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro in the last fourth round, with five teams in each group (which means that one team will be absent from a round).

Despite the loss and the result of the qualification of four teams out of five in each of the two groups to the quarter-finals, Colombia still has great chances of crossing, since it is currently ranked second, a point ahead of Peru (the latter has two matches left) and two against Venezuela, which played its third match on Sunday and succeeded in it. By grabbing a dead-time tie against Ecuador 2-2 thanks to Ronald Hernandez (1+90).

Ecuador advanced twice in the match through Ayrton Preciado (39) and Gonzalo Plata (71), but Venezuela, which suffers both as a result of the many infections in its ranks with the Corona virus, achieved the first tie with Edson Castillo’s header (51) and then the second with another header for Hernandez after a cross from Castillo in particular. , taking advantage of the poor localization of Plata (1+90).

Venezuela has one match left to play on the 27th against Peru in Brasilia, while Ecuador will play against Peru and hosts Brazil.


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