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Buenos Aires – The start of the 2021 Copa America, postponed since last year, is approaching, and is under threat of cancellation within the next few days.

Colombia and Argentina were supposed to host the 47th edition, but CONMEBOL decided to withdraw the organization of the tournament from the two countries at the last minute for various reasons, to decide to hold it in Brazil.

There is still news about the possibility of canceling the tournament, in light of protests and the refusal of a number of Brazilian players to host their country for this edition due to the recent escalation of infections with the Corona virus.

Despite that, CONMEBOL has not made any decision so far to postpone or cancel the tournament, which opens the door for its launch on the specified date, the thirteenth of June.

In light of the position of a number of great players from Brazil’s organization of the tournament, reports emerged that Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentina national team, was in solidarity with the opposition group.

Despite that, holding the tournament on time will benefit Messi, who aspires to win his first international title, especially in light of his advanced age and the approaching end of his career.

Al-Barghouth was not injured in all his previous attempts, although he reached the final match on more than one occasion, but the loss was inevitable in the end.

The Argentine legend wants to silence doubts about his abilities with his country, as he is always subjected to a barrage of criticism with every international setback.

Seven’s dream

The 33-year-old had a good season with his team Barcelona at the individual level, crowning him as the top scorer in the Spanish League with 30 goals, but this was not accompanied by major collective achievements.

Barcelona failed, in the presence of Messi, to win the League and Champions League titles, to be content with saving his face with the King’s Cup title. Given what was achieved last season, Messi is still far from the nominations for the Ballon d’Or for 2021, which makes him threatened with losing it.

Messi’s desire to grab his first international title may pave the way for him to snatch the seventh Golden Ball in his career, a dream that Ronaldo stated

And if Messi succeeds in presenting an impressive level during his career with Argentina in the Copa America, and crowning his team with the title, he will put himself in the forefront, which will make him one of the most prominent candidates for the Golden Ball this year.

The historic scorer of Argentina and Barcelona has 6 golden balls, a record he holds alone, ahead of his Portuguese rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Juventus, who has been crowned 5 times.

But Messi’s desire to snatch his first international title may pave the way for him to snatch the seventh Golden Ball in his career, a dream that Ronaldo has already stated, as he said in a previous television interview that he hopes to finish his career by winning the award 7 times, which is his favorite number on and off the field.

new development

A Spanish press report revealed a new development regarding the future of Argentine Lionel Messi, the Barcelona star, during the next season. Messi’s contract with Barcelona expires this month, and Al-Barghout has not announced his position on the renewal yet.

According to the Spanish “Cuatro” program, Barcelona president Joan Laporta will make the official offer to Messi regarding the renewal within two or three weeks at the most.

He indicated that Messi will say “yes” to the official offer, but he is waiting to obtain the final version of the contract, to see if he needs to change any clause.

And the Spanish program indicated that, according to the current variables, Messi will officially announce his renewal in the middle of the Copa America this summer.

It is reported that many reports said that Messi’s new contract with Barcelona will be for 10 years, including playing for only two seasons with Barca and then moving to the American League.


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