Completed 798 buildings in 4 months in Dubai


Dubai: Melhem Al Zubaidi

The number of completed buildings in Dubai from the beginning of 2021 until the end of last April increased to 798, according to data from the Dubai Municipality and published by the Dubai Statistics Center.

The data indicated that the month of April recorded the completion of 205 buildings, after March achieved the completion of 215 buildings, and 178 and 200 buildings during the months of February and January, respectively.

Private villas topped the list of completed buildings with 414 buildings, representing 52%, then investment villas came second with 171 buildings, or 21.4%. Followed by multi-storey buildings with 128 buildings or 16%, and in the fourth place public buildings with 56 buildings equivalent to 7%, and finally industrial buildings in the fifth place with 29 buildings or 3.6%.

It is worth noting that the number of buildings completed in 2020 amounted to 3,227 buildings, with a total value of 40.5 billion dirhams.


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