Complaints about the “Apple” update .. draining the battery


A large number of iPhone users have complained about Apple’s new “iOS 14.6” update, as it drains the battery completely within hours.
According to the British “Daily Mail”, the “Apple” community forum was filled with complaints regarding the new update, which “Apple” presented to its users on May 24 last.
One user on the forum wrote, “My battery life after (iOS 14.6) is terrible, what can be done to fix it?”
Another said, “I’ve never seen this battery drain before, this is a really serious issue.”
Other users also revealed that some iPhone models drain their batteries completely in less than two hours.
Affected users took to Twitter to register their dissatisfaction with the update, as one of them tweeted to Apple, “After updating my phone (iPhone SE) its battery is draining very quickly, please try to solve this problem.”
On the other hand, Apple intends to launch a new version of the iPad Pro tablet with new features, after launching a version of the tablet computer that works with the new M1 chip.
And the “Bloomberg” news agency quoted a source in “Apple” as saying that the company is developing a new iPad Pro that works with wireless charging and intends to put it on the market next year.
The new iPad Pro tablet computer will have a glass back using what is known as the MagSafe system that Apple introduced in the iPhone 12 smartphone.
Apple also plans to launch a new design of the iPad mini tablet computer later this year.


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