Colors of the homeland | Galaxy S21 FE.. Did Samsung stop phone production?


Galaxy S21 FEOne of the phones belonging to the global company “Samsung”, which came out by a Korean newspaper, speaking about the interruption of its next production due to the lack of semi-transportation, and accordingly the producing company came out to respond to it.

Regarding the Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung said: “While we cannot discuss the details of the product that has not been released, nothing has been determined in relation to the alleged report,” according to the verge.

Galaxy S21 details

The Galaxy S21 FE was expected, and FE stands for Fan Edition and is a reductive and affordable version of the regular S21.

Last year, Dieter Bohn, one of the verge’s editors, gave the Galaxy S20 FE a positive review, noting that it has some quality components, while the cheaper parts don’t hurt the experience that much.

The Galaxy S21 hasn’t been officially announced, but Samsung said at an event last year that it plans to release Fan versions of flagship phones in the future.

It posted alleged renders of the S21 FE back in April, showing a similar design to the well-received Galaxy S21, while it’s worth noting that Samsung hasn’t outright denied the ET News report, it may be a while before the truth comes out.

The S20 FE wasn’t announced until September last year and was released in October, so if Samsung was having supply chain issues right now, a launch wasn’t necessarily imminent.

Aside from the phone, another one that Samsung is working on is the Galaxy S22, which will have a smaller screen than current generation models, and it hasn’t said a release date yet.


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