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​ The Apple Developer Conference, in its 32nd edition, is one of the conferences awaited by phone enthusiasts and those interested in Apple electronic devices, and according to the Indian newspaper “Express”, the company “Apple” had announced what was included in the annual Apple Developers Conference, and the company revealed updates to the iOS 15 operating system. The next major update for iPhones.

iOS 15 Updates at Apple Developer Conference

And the newspaper reported, that the iOS 15 operating system, has new and improved video calling capabilities such as FaceTime and video calls, improving and adding surround sound to it to give you a sense that the speaker is with you, improving the mic and isolating noise from it through artificial intelligence, and improvements in messages and phone conditions with a notification system new.

Apple Developer Conference

The Indian newspaper, Express, reported that the company had added portrait photography technology for video calls.

Messages app for iOS 15

And the Indian newspaper, Express, added that the Hassat al-Risala is modifying the design and the way to open the photography and move between them.

The company said that it has developed messaging in the iOS 15 operating system, as it includes new ways to share content, such as photos, music, podcasts, Apple News articles, and others, and users can install shared content to display it in an easier way.

She added, it became possible to share activities with other applications that are possible in the facility in various applications.

And she added, the participation has been developed to facilitate browsing the links from any Apple application, sharing the conversation and completing comments, for example, “the name of the feature Share with you”.

The “Application Summary” was provided by artificial intelligence in order of alerts in order of importance.

The company said it has developed a “Do Not Disturb” mode that will show users that you’re using this mode so that you can exclude certain people or apps. As well as announcing the feature “Livetext” or the recognition of texts in images.


For photos, Apple included the Live Text feature, which allows users to highlight and select text in photos, and Live Text will also work in other applications such as ‌Apple News.

Apple Music

The newspaper also quoted the company, that the integration of Apple Music songs into photos, so that important events can be mixed with video and photos, and the music list can be modified and the user’s favorite songs can be selected.

The new system can also display more detailed city maps with details of new routes to help urban drivers, as well as provide more detailed routing information.

Weather app

The company also updated the Weather app and now it has a completely new design with new background animations.

New features for a headset New features have been added to the Apple headset to support people with special needs, such as directing the mic to capture sound better and know its location in an excellent manner, such as airtags and surround sound, it has become available for Apple TV and M1 devices, and Dolby Atmos technology reaches the Music app.

The Notes application has been developed, as quick jotting and the feature to hide the application have been added. Dealing with links better and faster.

icloud account recovery

The iCloud account can be restored by adding a “trusted person” who provides you with a code to retrieve your account, and you can specify a person to take your data after death. It also announced iCloud Plus “at the same price” and with a higher degree of privacy.

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