Colors of the homeland | About macOS Monterey Update for Apple: Control All Your Devices With One Click


In the past hours, the curtain came down on the first day of the annual Apple Developers Conference, during which the American company “Apple” announced the most prominent recent updates to it, led by the macOS Monterey update, as the conference witnessed in its 32nd edition, many important updates, including system updates Running iOS 15, so we monitor you everything you need to know about updating macOS Monterey, according to cnbc.

Update macOS Monterey

Apple announced, Update macOS MontereyThe latest version of macOS is named Monterey after the scenic beach town in California, and has new features that allow users to use the same mouse and keyboard across multiple devices from their Mac or iPad.

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The mouse pointer can move back and forth between the iPad and a Mac laptop or desktop computer, and this feature is called Universal Control, where iOS devices can also send their screen to the Mac computer through a feature called AirPlay, with one person controlling With all different devices.

Other Features of macOS Monterey Update

Apple’s Safari browser also got new features thanks to the macOS Monterey update, including Tab Groups and Bookmarks, to get rid of the long window bar that may appear when you use the browser for a long time.

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The browser also provides a new feature for users of iCloud accounts, if you do not want to share your email with anyone, you can simply rely on Apple, which will immediately create a new email address with a fictitious name to complete your process and then link it to your real mail.


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