Closure of a sports facility in Deira for an entire month – Al-Riyadi – all games


The Dubai Sports Council, in cooperation with the “Dubai Economy”, issued a decision to close a sports facility for a full month, for not complying with the precautionary measures adopted to prevent the “Covid 19” virus, within the framework of inspection visits to sports facilities, from fitness centers, clubs, academies and sports events, To ensure the full commitment of departments and practitioners, to apply the official approved protocol.

The control team of the Dubai Sports Council, in cooperation with the Dubai Economy, during the inspection visit, canceled the organization of a sports event for the same entity, for violating the precautionary measures and approved protocols, most notably the failure to adhere to social distancing and wearing masks, in violation of decisions and instructions. Issued by the concerned authorities, to maintain health and safety, and prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

The work team of the control officers at the Dubai Sports Council continues to carry out inspections and monitoring, in coordination with the Dubai Economy, to ensure the accurate and continuous application of precautionary measures, and not to be lenient in implementing all the instructions contained in the protocol for each facility and sport.

The Council also urged sports facilities, which include physical training and fitness centers, academies, and event organizers, to continue to strictly adhere to the instructions, and to apply preventive measures throughout the facilities’ working hours, throughout the week.



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