Clooney launches a program to open the field of cinema to children of simple families


Los Angeles – AFP
American actor George Clooney and other Hollywood stars announced the launch of an educational program aimed at preparing high school students from Los Angeles from poor families or from minorities, to work in the field of cinema.
The program will be sponsored by Clooney, in addition to Eva Longoria, one of the heroines of the series “Desperate Housewives” and Don Cheadle, the superhero in the movie “War Machine.” In downtown Los Angeles.
“Our goal is to better reflect the diversity of our country, and this requires starting at an early age,” Clooney said in a statement, announcing the establishment of an institute, “Roypal School of Film and Television Production”, to implement the project.
“This means creating programs in high schools to teach boys techniques of camera, montage, visual and sound effects, and all the job opportunities that this industry can provide,” he added.
This initiative comes shortly after music producers Dr. Dre and Jimmy Yovin announced a similar project in partnership with other institutions from the city.
The Los Angeles school district is the second largest in the United States and has about 650,000 students, mostly from low-income families, often black or Latino families.
Hollywood has faced criticism in recent years for its lack of diversity, both in front of and behind the camera, and launched the “Oscars So White” campaign in 2015 to denounce the dominance of white artists in nominations for these film awards.
In an indication of an improvement in the situation in this regard, a study published in the spring revealed that representatives of ethnic or cultural minorities are for the first time represented in proportion to their share in the US population.
However, the authors of the study pointed out that films directed by women or members of the minority have much lower budgets than other films, and that Latin American actors are still very low represented in cinemas.
Clooney, who will be on the board with all the other stars involved in the project, also stressed that his program will offer “internships that lead to rewarding careers.”
Los Angeles School District Administrator Austin Buettner said the project’s board “will include professors with well-known writers as well as (movie) industry professionals and experts” to encourage direct hiring of talent representing diversity in film and television.


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