Claudio Bravo opens fire on referee in Bolivia match


Chilean goalkeeper and captain Claudio Bravo criticized the Paraguayan referee Iber Aquino, who refereed his team’s match against Bolivia, in the sixth round of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, after awarding a penalty kick to the opposing team, recalling that the same referee harmed “La Roja”. Against Uruguay as well.
In the 77th minute of the match, when Chile were ahead 1-0, Bolivian striker Marcelo Martins shot from inside the penalty area, but the ball rebounded from Chilean defender Guillermo Maripan, who, in the opinion of the opposing team and the referee, who reviewed the mouse, touched the ball with his hand. Therefore, he awarded a penalty kick to Bolivia, which managed to tie the match, ending the match with a score of 1-1.Bravo said: “From my point of view, it does not look like a penalty kick. I am surprised that the same team of referees managed another match for us. We had a situation with them against Uruguay. It was a punishment and they refereed for us again. It seems to me a strange thing.”

The goalkeeper indicated that his team played a good match, but he regrets that there are things that cannot be controlled, considering that Aquino’s management of a match for them again “is not a coincidence.”

He explained: “We commented on the matter before playing. It was strange that someone who had been penalized before and who had previously denied us three points because of the same situation took over the arbitration for us.”

Months ago, when facing Uruguay at the beginning of the race to the World Cup, the result was 1-1 between the two teams, and with a little time left in the match, the same referee decided not to award a penalty kick to Chile on the basis of an alleged handball on defender Sebastian Coates.

With a draw against Bolivia, Chile is in seventh place with six points, compared to five for Bolivia, which is in eighth place.


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