China’s mysterious role in the Corona epidemic .. Washington faces a “difficult task”


Since the emergence of the Corona virus about two years ago until today, hardly a single day passes in the world without news of China, whether because it was the first country in which the virus was discovered, or because of accusations by countries that it mishandled the file that changed the lives of billions of people.

newspaper says,Washington Post” Of all the countries of the world, the Corona virus appeared in the “wrong country”, as China is not only the largest in the world in terms of population, but also has great communication with all countries of the world, which contributed greatly to the transmission of the virus, and it also lacks transparency when The topic concerns its “global standing”, from the point of view of the country’s leadership.

The newspaper says that the current US administration faces “difficult choices”, especially after the strength of the theory that says that the origin of the Corona virus was from the Chinese city of Wuhan has increased.

China has resorted to a policy of silencing scholars and mass denial

There is a theory indicating the possibility of a leak from the “Wuhan Institute of Virology” that led to the spread of Corona

Several theories and studies blame China for its “tendency to conceal information related to the spread of the virus”, and its intention to “delay revealing the truth of the virus until a late date.”

But, according to the newspaper, a “public pressure campaign” by the White House “is not the best option” for dealing with China.

Haitham Ghaly, an international relations expert based in the United States, describes China as a “sensitive giant,” adding to Al-Hurra that “it seems very easy to hurt the feelings of the Chinese and push them to close or – and this is more dangerous – to act aggressively.”

The Washington Post says the administration’s new policy line is “more carrot than stick” and more reward than punishment.

And yesterday, US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said that “it is in China’s interest to reveal the origin of the Corona virus,” and stressed in an interview with the American network HBO, “Ultimately, it is in China’s interest to do so as well, because it has also suffered from the outbreak of this epidemic.” …and it is assumed that she has an interest as well.”

“China tried to fill the void” .. Blinken talks about the “thirst” of the allies for the return of an American

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that US allies were “thirsty” to reconnect, open up and interact with the US administration, adding in an interview with the US HBO network that “restoring partnerships and alliances was a challenge in the first two months” of the administration’s life.

The chief US infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, also said that “it is clearly in China’s interest to know exactly how the virus happened.”


Fauci tried to encourage China to share its investigations into the virus

The newspaper says that this idea, which is trying to convince China that it has an interest in conducting a transparent investigation, “has been repeated more than once by more than one US official.”

But Ghali says that “repeating something for a long time does not necessarily lead to the conviction of the opposite party.”

“There is a very clear fact that China has an incentive to cover up details of the leak from the Wuhan lab,” says the Washington Post, adding that China “has an interest in concealing the information.”

China could, according to Post, conduct an investigation and not share its findings with the world.

With this, Dr. Ziad Al-Iraqi, an infectious disease expert who has studied at the Chinese University of Wuhan for years, told Al-Hurra that “the exposure of a possible leak in the laboratory will bear an accusation to China. If the detection is from a non-Chinese side, China will appear as if it was involved in A cover-up plot.

And the Washington Post says that “exposure, if it occurs from non-Chinese parties, will trigger global calls for accountability.”

It is even possible for many countries to demand compensation if the wrong behavior or cover-up by China has proven to lead to the spread of the virus or to deprive the world of an opportunity to reduce losses.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken attends a meeting with the foreign ministers of Mexico and Central American Integration…

Blinken says Washington is determined to find out the origins of the epidemic and demands transparency from China

“If China claims to be a responsible international actor, it should do everything in its power to provide all the information it has to ensure that this does not happen again,” the US Secretary of State said.

However, the Foreign Minister did not threaten to impose sanctions on China if it failed to cooperate.

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about steps being taken to pressure China.

Psaki said that international partners and work with the World Health Organization should be pressured to pressure China to share its information, adding, “We will not stand idly by” and accept their saying that they will not share information.

The newspaper says, “This vague hint of pressure and to stop publicly embarrassing China is exactly what it should do,” but adds, “However, China appears to maintain its tough stance.”

Three months have passed since the World Health Organization criticized China for not participating in investigations into the origins of the virus.

The newspaper says that “the rise of the laboratory leak theory” and “hidden and private diplomacy” would prompt China to change its methods, although there are also reasons to doubt that this will happen.


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