China makes its mark and raises its flag on Mars


Send the robot ChinaZhurong took pictures of himself from Mars with a Chinese flag, immortalizing his effects on the red planet, which was proudly highlighted Friday by the space agency in the most populous country in the world.

The bird-like robot filmed itself next to its landing pad, using a detachable camera, and its solar panels looked like wings.
space agency organized ChinaCelebrating the occasion of publishing the self-portrait in which the flag appears ChinaJ at the landing site on Mars in a reddish atmosphere.
The robot arrived at the site in mid-May after a nearly year-long journey from Earth, and also took a picture of the traces of its six wheels in the soil of the Red Planet. The space agency described it as a “fingerprint.” ChinaOn Mars, according to French.
Churong weighs 240 kilograms and will study the planet’s environment and analyze the composition of its rocks. Among the robot’s tasks is to perform soil and atmospheric analyzes, take pictures, and contribute to mapping the Red Planet.


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