Charging the intensities of PUBG 5000 intensity without a visa through the id


Free pubg widgets It is what all players participating in the Buggy game desire, and it is one of the most famous combat games in the field of electronic games, and the wrenches are the main step, which ensures the participant to stay alive within the combat arena, through which he can obtain ammunition, weapons, and housing, so Players are keen to download them.

How to charge PUBG Mobile tugs from the official website

  1. The PUBG game is at the first level in the world, due to the high number of hours it is played, so it has gained global fame, and the shipping price has recently been announced, which is ten dollars and gives 690 intensity.
  2. In the case of charging with twenty-five dollars, it gives 1995 intensities, and in the case of charging with fifty dollars, it gives you 4000 intensities.
  3. After obtaining the wedges, the player will get some gifts such as the snowy M4, the M4, the Joker and the Joker, in addition to the upgraded M7, and other famous outfits and weapons.

Steps to charge Buggy widgets

There are a lot of steps through which PUBG Mobile widgets are shipped, such as:

  1. Log in officially via midasbuy, which is for shipping wedges.
  2. Create a new account on the site if it does not exist.
  3. Click on buy from the list of available services.
  4. Enter the player’s ID in the field designated for him.
  5. Country selection.
  6. Choose the appropriate payment method for the player.
  7. Write down the player’s phone number, and press Next.
  8. A code will be received on the phone.
  9. Enter it in the code field.
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