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Charging Fortnite V-BUCKS Points and getting Battle Pass faster


Charging Fortnite V-BUCKS Points and getting the Battle Pass in a faster way – educate me

Charging Fortnite V-BUCKS points and obtaining the battle card, has become the most important and prominent interest of fortnite fans and players during the recent period, in order to obtain the basic elements of the game, and benefit from the activation of add-ons that help to obtain gifts and rewards and skip higher levels, in conjunction with the content New to the unlicensed creative mode accompanied by many skins, clothes, weapons and wonderful vehicles, which fit the nature of that stage and the situation of the vast combat map, which the seventh season brought to the second chapter of the automatic update on mobiles.

fortnite battle royale updates

Although fortnite update The new Battle Royale, has included a number of wonderful additions, and allowed participation in events that are the first of its kind, but at the same time, the content mode was not made available in Creative mode, if it required the need to test and verify this content, in order to bring new items, Which was considered by many as a bug that negatively affects the performance of these add-ons, while others considered it a great feature, as these elements are not enabled, because they create a frustrating experience for players.

Free Fortnite V-BUCKS Points

you may Free Fortnite V-BUCKS PointsYou can also redeem cards purchased at retail stores by:

  • Sign in with an account Epic Games your.
  • You can log in via social networking sites and link between them.
  • Then click Start.
  • Then click on your account.
  • Then charge or cash back your V-Bucks.


Get a Battle Pass

And to get fortnite battle card, you have to obtain and activate some of the basic tasks in the game such as flying a flying saucer, as well as digging out high-tech alien weapons, to get new outfits, Superman and some other items available, this qualifies you to start getting a 1500 package of V-BUCKS, via the battle card For 950 coins, or by earning by winning and reaching advanced levels, you can buy the next Battle Pass or items in the Item Shop, and then start getting ready to get the six base medals for each level.

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