Central – 9 years old .. The arrest of the “youngest drug dealer” in Britain


British authorities have arrested what can be described as the “youngest drug dealer” ever, as the accused was a child no more than 9 years old.

British media reported that it is another indication that drug dealers do not provide any means to promote their poisoned goods.

And the British newspaper, “Mirror”, reported that the child who fell into the hands of the British police is still a student in the primary stage, and narcotics were found in his possession for the purpose of distribution and trafficking.

The newspaper pointed out that the legal age of criminal responsibility in both England and Wales is 10 years, and therefore it will not be possible to press any charges against the child in this case.

The competent authorities did not reveal the name of the child who was arrested in possession of drugs, but the British media suggested that the child was forced to possess these dangerous and prohibited substances, and that it might belong to larger drug dealers.
The British media attributed the recent increase in the exploitation of children in general, especially by organized crime gangs and drug dealers, to the devastating economic effects of the Corona pandemic, which prompted even the families of some children who work in these activities mainly to exploit their children.


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