Celebrating the image of the Japanese ambassador and his wife in the “Saudi dress” on the social networking sites


During the appearance of “Fumio Iwai” and “Umm Koji” in him ..

Social media activists interacted with a photo of the Japanese ambassador to Riyadh, Fumio Iwai, and his wife, Umm Koji, wearing traditional Saudi dress.

The Japanese ambassador published his picture and his wife, Umm Koji – via Twitter – and commented on it, saying: “Peace be upon you, good people. ..and you are grateful for your long wait.”

Singer Ibrahim Al-Balawi wrote a line of poetry in which he said, “If it wasn’t for an ambition that transcended the limits of reality/ the country of Japan would not have become Japanese… no oil, no gas, no mine, no metal/… but minds equal to the wealth of my country” to interact with the Japanese ambassador, saying, “You have the same wealth Minds, the future of Saudi Arabia will be brighter.”

The tweeter Naifko said, “You are blessed and Umm Koji.” Nujoud Al-Qirbi wrote, “Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thank you for sharing part of our culture that we are proud of,” to which the Japanese ambassador replied, “My wife and I are happy to participate in a part of your culture in Saudi Arabia.”

Omar wrote, commenting on the Saudi dress of the ambassador and his wife, “Peace be upon you, O Abukoji, correct, and Umm Koji is one hundred percent, and there is no mistake, if I did not know that you were Japanese, I would say that you are from the people of Riyadh.”

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