Cannes Film Festival adds 9 films to its official list


On Thursday, nine films were added to the official list of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, according to a statement by the organizers, including a biography of the rap group NTM and the latest work of the Argentine director residing in Paris, Gaspar Noé.
Two new French films were included in the midnight screenings, one of the new brothers Arnaud and Jean-Marie Lario, starring their favorite actor Mathieu Amalric, and the second titled “Supreme” by director Audrey Estrogou for the French rap group Supreme NTM.A number of first films were added by its directors, including “Mih frier et moi” by Frenchman Johan Manka, with actors Sofiane Khamis, Dali Bensalah, who will participate in the upcoming James Bond movie, and “Mi Yupita, Mon Amour” by Noemi Merlan.

Among the new films out of competition is “Where is Anne Frank” by Israeli Ari Follman, known for his movie “Walts with Bashir” Waltz with Bashir, in 2008.

In the new Cannes Premiere category for experienced filmmakers, Gaspar Noé presents his new film, Vortex.

The Festival de Cannes has not yet revealed the opening film of the “Un Certain Regard” section, nor the film that will be shown after the awards ceremony on July 17th.

The festival has not yet revealed the names of the members of the jury headed by the American Spike Lee, nor the poster of the 74th session.


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