Buthaina Al-Raisi publishes a photo of her burning house | news


Omani artist Buthaina Al Raisi thanked everyone who asked about her and sent her a message after her family’s house was exposed to a major fire.

Buthaina posted on her Instagram account a picture of her with her mother from the house, and the effects of the fire appeared on its walls.

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And she wrote, commenting on the photo: “When life gives you a reason to despair..give it a thousand reasons to continue. Praise be to God, in any case, God’s destiny and what He wills. We believe in God’s judgment and destiny. For everyone who praises us with peace, and everyone who asks God, do not deprive us of your love.

Buthaina Al-Raisi revealed that the house was exposed to a fire due to a short circuit. Watch the video

Buthaina Al Raisi is an Omani actress who started her life as a presenter on the Sultanate of Oman TV, after which she moved to the State of Kuwait to study there at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts to launch her artistic career. “Umm Al Banat” and other successful Kuwaiti series.

Buthaina participated in Ramadan 2021 in the series “Al Namous” and “I Love You After”.

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