Bushra from Erdogan to Turkey


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the neutralization of the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Salman Bozkir, the general responsible for the Makhmour camp for Kurdish refugees inside Iraqi territory.”I want to convey good news to our nation…Salman Bozkir, nicknamed “Dr. Hussein”, the first director of the PKK terrorist organization and the general director of Makhmour, was neutralized by the heroes of our National Intelligence Service yesterday,” Erdogan said in a tweet on Twitter.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Turkish army targeted the Makhmour refugee camp from Turkey’s Kurds in the north of the country, days after Turkish threats to “cleanse” it.

The RT reporter said, “The camp, which is located in the Kurdistan region and includes refugees from Turkey’s Kurds, was bombed by a Turkish drone,” while three people were reported killed in the bombing.


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