Buick reveals the design of its new vehicle (video)


The American company Buick revealed the design of its new vehicle, which will join the family of crossover cars with high standards of luxury.The new Buick Enclave comes with a cross body that is distinguished from the structures of previous Enclave vehicles with a higher flow and more attractive design, and one of the distinguishing features of this car’s design is the unique shape of its headlights and front end.

This car also increased in size compared to previous Enclave cars, as its body became 5 meters and 19 centimeters long, and it got a large panoramic roof, a new steering wheel with advanced electrical control systems, as well as two rows of comfortable seats covered in the most luxurious types of leather and equipped with heating and cooling systems.Buick has provided the vehicle with the latest multimedia systems that can be controlled via an 8-inch touch screen, and air safety bags to protect all passengers during accidents, as well as different driving systems suitable for most types of roads, and equipped with cameras, front and rear distance sensors, engine start systems and remote air conditioning systems. .

The modified Enclave will be offered with 3.6-liter six-cylinder gasoline engines, generating 314 horsepower, and these engines will work with nine-speed automatic gearboxes, front and rear drive systems, and the price of these vehicles is supposed to be about 58 thousand dollars.

Source: Russia Today


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