British scientists determine the levels of antibodies needed to prevent symptoms of “Covid-19”


The University of Oxford said today (Thursday) that British researchers have determined the level of antibody protection needed to prevent symptoms of “Covid-19”. She added that the results of the study may help accelerate the development of a new vaccine.

The encouraging indications are multiplied regarding therapies based on synthetic antibodies against “Covid-19”, which is one of the main ways to combat the epidemic, along with vaccines.

Antibodies are an essential component of the human immune system. In the face of a dangerous element such as a virus, the body naturally produces it to recognize the foreign element.

The idea of ​​synthetic antibodies in the laboratory is to select natural antibodies, reproduce them synthetically and then give them as a treatment, generally by infusion via injection. This is different from administering a vaccine, which aims to induce the body to produce the correct antibodies on its own. Synthetic antibodies are injected once the disease has spread to compensate for any deficiencies in the immune system. These treatments use antibodies called “monoclonal” that recognize a specific molecule of the target virus or bacteria.


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