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revealed BMW About the latest design of the iX, which is designed to make a quantum leap in the world of advanced vehicles. This car comes with a distinctively designed chassis based on platforms tested in BMW X5 four-wheel drive cars. The length of the chassis is 4 meters and 95 centimeters, with a width of 196 centimeters, and a height of 169 centimeters, and the distance between the axles of the wheels is 300 centimeters, and it can be equipped with two types of wheels in size 20 or 22 inches. Internally, this vehicle has sports seats covered in the most luxurious types of leather, and a steering interface almost devoid of buttons, as the traditional buttons have been replaced by a giant touch screen that extends almost two-thirds of the length of the front.

Through the large screen on the driving interface, it is possible to control the multimedia systems, air conditioning, seat positions and temperatures, as well as use the screen to display the navigation and positioning systems, and monitor the car via cameras. The iX is also equipped with front and rear distance sensors, cameras with self-cleaning systems, in addition to advanced safety systems that rely on special radars to avoid accidents. And copies of this car will appearelectric motors Torque 352 hp, and copies of electric motors torque 523 hp, and special versions of engines of more than 600 hp may be launched.

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