Blinken: We are discussing with Germany ways to compensate for the losses of Ukraine due to “Northern Stream 2”


Blinken: We are discussing with Germany ways to compensate for Ukraine's losses as a result of



US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that Washington is discussing with Germany ways to compensate for the losses that Ukraine will incur as a result of operating the “North Stream 2” gas pipeline.

Blinken said during a hearing before the US House of Representatives, today, Monday, that “the completion of the pipeline is a fait accompli.”

He continued: “Now Germany has sat at the negotiating table, and we are working with it to study what can be done to ensure that Ukraine preserves the money that it may lose in the future due to this pipeline bypassing the territory of Ukraine, as well as ensuring that Russia is not able to use gas as a tool of pressure or a weapon against Ukraine or any other party.

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Putin announces the completion of the first pipeline of

Blinken expressed confidence that “there are ways to achieve this.”

He pointed out that the United States does not rule out reconsidering its decision to exempt the joint Russian-European company Nord Stream 2 AG, which is implementing the “North Stream 2” project, from sanctions.

Washington had announced the exemption of the aforementioned company and its German director, Matthias Varnig, from the sanctions last May, but at the same time it announced the imposition of new sanctions on Russian ships and companies participating in the implementation of the project.

On June 4, Russia announced the completion of one of the two pipelines included in the “North Stream 2” project, and the second line is expected to be completed within two months.

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