Black fungus horror.. Are children vulnerable to deadly disease?


Amid the successive developments of the mutation of the Corona virus and its devastating impact on human immunity, fears are increasing in the countries of the world, particularly India, that a new category of black fungus victims will join.

And the health authorities in India were surprised that some patients with the Corona virus were infected with the black fungus, which is one of the rare types of fungal infection, according to media reports.

The black fungus is behind the appearance of threads in and around the blood vessels, and may reach the stage of life-threatening for people with diabetes, or people with severe immune deficiency.

Medical reports warn that black fungus infects the sinuses, brain and lungs, and may reach other areas of the body such as the digestive system.

However, doctors confirm that children are less likely to be infected with the black fungus compared to adults, despite the presence of reports that documented such infections that occurred after infection with corona.

However, doctors warn that children with malnutrition are more susceptible to infection with black fungus, compared to other children, calling for the need not to ignore a number of symptoms associated with black fungus in children, in order to prevent serious complications.

Here, doctors advise to prevent children from contracting the black fungus, to make sure that they wash their hands frequently, and not to touch the eyes, nose, and mouth except with clean hands.


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