Bitcoin loses more than $500


Profit-taking operations continued to dominate the performance of most encrypted digital currencies at the beginning of trading today, Monday, with some dealers heading to sell and liquidate, amid the emergence of new, strongly worded warnings against trading those currencies.

The “Bitcoin” currency continued to decline and recorded losses during early trading today, to retreat to the level of $ 35,000 and lose 1.53%, equivalent to $ 545.5, according to data available on the “Coin MarketCap” website.

During today’s trading, in terms of other cryptocurrencies, the “Ethereum” currency fell by 0.2%, reaching the level of $2.18 thousand. The “Binance Coin” fell by 0.7%, to reach $331.89. The Cardano currency fell by 0.3%, to about $1.38.

While the “Ripple” currency fell by 1.47% to reach about $ 0.74, and the “Dogecoin” currency fell by 5.3%, to reach about $ 0.26.

In this morning’s trading, the total market value of cryptocurrencies fell to about 1.47 trillion dollars, compared to 1.48 trillion dollars 24 hours ago, down 0.7%, equivalent to 10 billion dollars.


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