Bitcoin is up more than 3%.


Bitcoin continued to rise for the third consecutive session, coinciding with the increased desire among investors to grab new positions.

At the beginning of trading today, Tuesday, and specifically by 09:40 GMT, the bitcoin currency rose by 3% to reach $ 40.4 thousand, gaining $ 1141.2, according to data from the “Coin MarketCap” website, which specializes in monitoring the performance of cryptocurrencies.

The total market value of this cryptocurrency jumped by 3%, gaining about $20.2 billion, after rising from the level of $734.5 billion to about $754.68 billion.

Bitcoin recorded a gain of about 14.4%, equivalent to $ 5 thousand, in the past three sessions, which pushed it back to the levels of $ 40 thousand, after news spread that “Micro Strategy Software” raised half a billion dollars to invest in the “Bitcoin” currency.

It is noteworthy that the gains of “Bitcoin”, after exceeding 100% this year, returned last month to shrink by 60%, and its gains would reach 30% during 2021, amid Chinese and American efforts to restrict its trading.

At the same time in today’s session, most of the cryptocurrencies came on the rise, as the “Ethereum” currency rose during trading by 4.7%, and recorded about 2.61 thousand dollars.

The “Ripple” currency rose by 1.6 percent and scored about $0.88. Also, the “Binance Coin” currency rose by 2.9%, and recorded about 373.65 dollars. Dogecoin increased 0.55% to $0.32.


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