“Bitcoin” continues to decline, falling below 33 thousand dollars


The negative performance dominated most cryptocurrencies at the beginning of trading today, Wednesday, coinciding with the head of the US Tax Administration seeking to grant him legal approval by Congress to monitor transfers of those currencies and then impose additional taxes on them,

At the beginning of trading today, Wednesday, the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” continued to decline for the third time in a row, to lose about $ 160.1, or 0.5%, to reach $32.66 thousand, according to data available on the “Coin MarketCap” website.

The cryptocurrency has not witnessed increases since the beginning of this month, except in three sessions only, compared to its decline in 6 sessions, which suggests the control of violent fluctuations on its performance during that period.

On the monthly level, Bitcoin’s losses worsened until it lost about 11% of its value, compared to its closing at the end of last May at $37.29 thousand.

In more than two months, Bitcoin lost nearly half of its value, after it reached a record high of $65,000 last April.

And “Bitcoin” fell yesterday, Tuesday, to its lowest level in two weeks, with the recovery of the ransom paid by the oil pipeline company Colonial Pipeline to recover data that was stolen, as evidence that the digital currency is not far from government control.

In terms of other cryptocurrencies, during today’s trading, the “Ethereum” currency declined by 3.3%, reaching the level of 2.42 thousand dollars. The Ripple currency fell by 1.9%, to about $0.84. On the other hand, the “Cardano” currency fell by 1.83%, to reach about 1.5 US dollars.

The “Blockadot” currency decreased by 2.13%, to reach about $20.67, and the “Dogecoin” currency lost by 2.1%, to reach about $0.32.

In this morning’s trading, the total market value of digital currencies fell to about 1.47 trillion dollars, compared to 1.48 trillion dollars, to lose 10 billion dollars, down 0.6%.


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