Beware.. Serious reasons for a child to pluck his hair


Trichotillomania is a common habit, but it is not appropriate especially in children, which may also occur in children, most cases occur for benign and unusual causes.However, there are cases in which it indicates an underlying condition, the long-term behavior of hair-pulling leads to excessive hair loss, which is permanent in some cases, and knowing the possible reasons behind the child’s pulling of hair when there is cause for concern, according to (Madam).

Dr. Mohamed Hani, a mental health specialist and family relations consultant, spoke about the different reasons why children pull their hair, how to manage the habit, and when to visit a health care provider.Why does the child pull his hair?

to calm himself

The child pulls his hair to calm himself during situations he finds stressful or when he feels the need to calm himself without specific reasons, you notice that your child pulls his hair when he is feeling anxious, such as separation anxiety, hair-pulling for self-soothing can be accompanied by other self-soothing procedures, such as Thumb sucking.


Babies older than six months pull their hair to experience cause and effect; To see how the hair reacts to plucking or how the parents react to the procedure, it is not something to worry about because it is part of the usual behavior of the youngster.

self conscious

Babies become familiar with their bodies as they get older, and their awareness usually increases dramatically between the ages of 8 and 12 months. Between these ages, an infant explores different parts of the body, such as the nose, toes, and even hair. The child pulls at his or her hair frequently and may do so in a situation where he becomes More self-aware, such as when looking at himself in the mirror.


A child can pull their hair out of the ordinary for no reason or cause. Some children have a habit of pulling hairs only in specific places, such as the nursery or in the garden. It can be their way of providing themselves with self-stimulation because it makes them feel good about it.

Frustration and tantrums

Some older children pull hair out of frustration or when having tantrums, possibly accompanied by other signs of a tantrum, such as screaming A young child pulls hair in front of a parent or caregiver to express discomfort. Tantrums by pulling someone else’s hair, too.

Trichotillomania is a type of compulsive disorder. Trichotillomania is a serious compulsive disorder that may occur in young children as well. The cause of trichotillomania is not known, but genetic and environmental factors play a role.

When do you take your son to the doctor?

Trichotillomania behavior in children is usually nothing to worry about, however, you can consult a doctor in the following scenarios.

The child pulls his hair to the point that it causes bleeding.

You notice bald patches on your scalp.

Hair pulling is often colicky.

The child also pulls eyelashes and eyebrows.

Your pediatrician can ask you multiple questions about your child’s medical history, behavior, and any family history of similar behavior or mental disorder, which can help rule out serious causes, such as trichotillomania, and other conditions associated with hair loss, such as alopecia areata, which are not Related to the behavior of hair pulling.

How do you prevent children from plucking their hair?

Some children get used to pulling their hair due to a number of reasons, most notably, compulsive disorder, and the child’s feeling of anxiety and separation. Here are some different ways to stop your child from pulling his hair, explained by Dr. Mohamed Hani, a mental health specialist and family relations consultant.

Provide alternatives to self-soothing

Most babies tend to pull their hair to soothe themselves. You can provide them with alternatives to prevent them from reaching their hair whenever they need to soothe themselves. Pacifiers work great at calming and keeping a baby in, too. You can also use toys, swaddles, and even white noise to calm your baby whenever he seems stressed.

Stimuli processing

Does your child pull his hair before bed? They are probably tired, and the hair-pulling calms them down. You can try to identify potential triggers for hair-pulling behavior and address them accordingly. It can help to establish a routine for each day and a bedtime routine before going to bed at night to avoid common triggers, such as tiredness, boredom and sudden changes in activity.

child distraction

It works great when your child pulls their hair without specific stimuli, but in certain places, for example, if your child is used to pulling hair while out and about, offer him a toy to keep him occupied, you can also keep a close eye on his actions until you get distracted Before he pulls his hair some other ways to distract a child are talking, singing, pointing at interesting things, or playing games, such as peeking.


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