Between “Single” and “Mini Album” .. Intense activity for singing stars in the coming days


testify music scene In the coming days, a number of new works will appear, presented by a number of male and female singers in Egypt and the Arab world, whether in the form of “single” songs, or mini-albums, and he is putting the final touches on them.

Tunisian singer Saber Al-Roba’e He revealed his cooperation with singer Saad Lamjarred in a new duet song, and published a photo of the scenes and preparations of the song through his official account on the “Instagram” website, a photo of him with the Moroccan poet and music distributor Redwan, and commented on the photo, saying: “Very soon with my sisters Saad Lamjarred and Redwan.”

On the other hand, Saber Al-Rubai is putting the finishing touches to his new album, which includes a group of songs between the Tunisian and Egyptian dialect, and collaborates on the album with a number of distributors, composers and young poets, including Madyan, Walid Saad, Hani Abdel Karim, Hisham Sadek, Walid Al-Ghazali, Karim Abdel Wahab, and Ahmed Abdel Peace.

The actress is getting ready Nancy Ajram To release “Mini Album”, containing 6 songs in the Egyptian dialect, in cooperation with a number of poets and composers in Egypt. It is also preparing to shoot a clip for a song from the album called “Habibi El Ghaly”, written by Ayman Bahgat Qamar, composed by Walid Saad and distributed by Tarek Madkour.

Last week, Nancy released the song “Your Love is Strong” from the words of Khaled Taj El-Din, who revealed a new song that Nancy brings together during the next album, composed by Walid Saad and distributed by Hani Yacoub.

announced singer Angham She is preparing to release a new song called “I sold it a lot”, and Angham published her poster on her account on the social networking site “Instagram” and commented: “Angham: I sold him a lot … soon.”

Producer Walid Mansour also revealed the preparations for the release of a number of new songs for a group of stars and stars in one CD to be released during the month of July, including: Ruby, Wael Jassar, Samira Said, Haitham Shaker, Mai Selim, Razan Maghribi.

Tunisian singer Latifa is preparing to launch a new lyrical work for her, the details of which have not been revealed so far.

Latifa’s last album was “The Strongest One”, which included 14 songs and collaborated with a large number of poets, composers and distributors from different generations, including Ayman Bahjat Qamar, Walid Saad, Madian, Monty, Islam Sabry, Hossam Saeed and Mohammadi, and Mahmoud Anwar.

Singer Pascal Machaalani is also preparing to release a new song in the Egyptian dialect called “Istana” in the coming period, especially since she recently finished recording it.. The song is written by Mohamed Refai and composed by Melhem Abu Shedid, and it is scheduled to be filmed in a video clip.

Singer Haitham Shaker presents a new song entitled “Waqif Ali Tikka”, written by Ahmed Hassan Raoul, distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim, and composed by Ahmed Zaim, produced by “Sharqi Production”.

Palestinian singer Muhammad Assaf is preparing to release a new album within days, as his audience shared the teaser video of him via the “Instagram” application. “Mohamed” wrote a comment on the video: “My beloved audience.. Soon I will release a Palestinian album consisting of 7 songs. This album is a message Love and loyalty to Palestine… its sea, its mountains, its cities and villages, its good people, its young men and its daughters.

Assaf continued, “The release of this album was postponed due to the recent aggression against our people, but soon, the album’s songs will be released on my official YouTube channel… Wait for me, stories about Palestine.”

And Mohamed Assaf had recently released the song “Amal Israr Hayat”, written by Nizar Francis, music by Michel Fadel, directed by Marwan Asaad.

It was also announced the release of a new clip for the artist, Majed Al Mohandes, entitled “Nisab”, and Majed Al Mohandes collaborated in this song with poet Bahaa El Din Mohamed, composed by Mahmoud El Khayami, and music distribution by Mahmoud El Shaeri.

Majed Al Mohandes had released his latest songs on YouTube, which bears the name “Kifak”, in the Lebanese dialect. The song was written by Samar Henedy, composed by Mahmoud Khayami and distributed by Rocket.

While Amr Diab is putting the final touches to two new songs, which will be released soon, they are written by Tamer Hussein, including a song composed by Aziz El Shafei, and distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim and Nader Hamdi.

Singer Mohamed Abdo is preparing to release his latest songs, called “Mustajla”, on the YouTube video site, and the song is written by Fahd bin Muhammad and composed by Khaled Ayyad.

Festival singer Omar Kamal is preparing to release a new song with Hamo Beka, called “Qamar Al-Toktokaya”.

Omar Kamal published a video clip through his personal account on “Instagram”, which he collected with Hamo Beca and the song makers, as he sings part of it, and commented: “Qamar Al-Tuktokaiya Festival” soon. Omar Kamal recently presented the duet clip, which he compiled by the artist Somaya al-Khashab, and it bears the name “Awaadak”.

Sumaya al-Khashab appeared in the clip, dancing to Omar Kamal’s singing, saying: “I promise you my life in me, my love, one day I will betray you. I want in every country, the palace of Dana remains, receiving, like this, the milk of Egypt, so that they can walk until the afternoon.”


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