Between action, love and seriousness… New works by Elsa Zughaib


Actress Elsa Zoughaib is co-starring in the series “Downtown”, which is shown on the JAWWY platform, produced by FALCON Films and directed by Zuhair Qanoua.
Elsa plays the character of “Salma”, who in her life was subjected to an emotional disappointment that made her a different person from what she was before, and the loss of her family made her a great responsibility, and she became a very sensitive girl.

And about the series in general, Elsa said: This series is new of its kind, the story is different, and does not focus on love and emotional states only, but is a mixture of action, love, mystery and secrets, and brings together a large elite of the most important stars of Lebanese and Arab drama, as people will relate to all the characters and admire the work.

On the other hand, Elsa is currently filming a new series with the same company, titled 8 Days, directed and written by Magdy Al-Sumairi, in which she plays a completely different character from Salma. She is a strict and serious lawyer named Dana who has her own life that will not be without problems and complications.


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