Ben Affleck’s father comments on his son’s quick return to Jennifer Lopez.. I know what he said


The news of Ben Affleck’s return to Jennifer Lopez is still in the headlines of foreign newspapers and websites, as it is a concern of many who are interested in the news of their return to their previous relationship, as many are trying to find out the scenes of that return that began quickly once Jennifer Lopez separated from Alex Rodriguez.

Which seems to have also surprised Ben Affleck’s 77-year-old father, as the Daily Mail recently revealed that Timothy Affleck had no idea the actor would be back with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, according to the Daily Mail.

Ben Affleck and his father
Ben Affleck and his father

Ben Affleck’s father added this week that Ben, 48, had not told him anything about his reconciliation with the 51-year-old singer, and also dismissed the current rumors that the Hollywood star had been longing for the actress for years.

On the other hand, Ben and Jennifer rekindled their romance last month after multiple dates at the singer’s Bel Air mansion, before traveling on romantic trips to Big Sky, Montana and Miami, Florida.

It is worth noting that the two stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have made their fans wonder about the state of their relationship since their reunion in late April, and after Lopez separated from Alex Rodriguez, but it seems that the duo confirm their emotional relationship as they were seen together in West Hollywood on Monday evening, last, and the photos revealed to Jennifer and Ben have arms around each other while waiting to be seated at a restaurant Wolfgang Puck New located in hotel Pendry Luxurious.


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