Behind the scenes of George Wassouf’s clip “Yah Al Zaman”…everything is occupied by hand and a terrifying joke at the end | Video


Director Fadi Haddad revealed the scenes of George Wassouf’s new video clip “Yah Al Zaman”.

In an interview with The Insider in Arabic program on Dubai TV, Fadi Haddad explained that the preparations for the clip took two and a half months, and then filming took three or four days, and a studio of 1000 or 1500 meters was used to be George Wassouf’s office in the clip, and it was built specifically for this. The purpose, as for the other decor, was designed to feature George Wassouf as God Father, the godfather of art, in a way that befits his history of capturing audiences for years.

Fadi Haddad added that the glass in the background and every other element (Prop) used was hand-worked with love and fatigue, with the aim of presenting something new to the audience, for history as he calls it. Credit to the budget Lifestylez Studios has set to operate.

Fadi Haddad also revealed that George Wassouf joked with him in a way that terrified him after watching the clip for the first time in the cinema.

It is noteworthy that the clip “Yah Al Zaman” was published on the official channel of Lifestylez Studios on YouTube on June 2, and has so far achieved 3,187,904 views, and the song is written by Ahmed Al-Malki, composed by Mostafa Shoukry, and distributed by Ahmed Amin.


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