Because of Jessica Azar: A new attack by Reem Nasri on her sister Asala raises controversy


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mounted Syrian actress Reem NasriA new attack on her sister Actress Asala NasriAfter their differences ended several years ago, specifically in 2018.

Reem Nasri returned to attack Asala because of her presence at the wedding of the media Jessica Azar, to the Lebanese businessman Muhammad Soufan, and her complete absence from attending her wedding, which was held last January, as if she was not from her family.

Reem Nasri told the details of her attack on Asala, to journalist Ahmed Al-Dara’, who in turn told and transmitted what Reem Nasri told him behind the scenes.

Reem Nasri criticizes Asala

Reem Nasri said in her conversation with Ahmed Al-Daraa that when she went to visit Beirut in 2019 and met her sister Asala after the reconciliation with the family, she could not see her and she was snatching minutes like ordinary fans.

She continued that Asala visited her at her home only once, she visited her reluctantly, after begging her to visit her because she had made a feast in her honor, and after many tricks, Asala came with her friends and stayed at Reem’s house for one hour and then left.

The reason for Reem Nasri’s attack on Asala

Hours ago, the pioneers of social networking circulated a post written through an account called Reem Nasri, but it was not certain whether it was her account or just a fake account, in which her owner, Asala, attacked a major attack.

Reem Nasri confirmed to Ahmed Al-Dara that this account is also her account and is not fake as some sites claimed, pointing out that she was the one who wrote the post, considering it a private account and not as technical as the largest.

The publication was accompanied by a photo of DNA genetic analysis and wrote on the photo: “This white cloud that is above the red color is DNA, gentlemen.” I followed it with another photo of Asala embracing Jessica Azar, who attended her wedding a few days ago in Lebanon, and the page commented “Zaman d’In”. That is, materialism, lies, hypocrisy and flattery, a time in which a person emerges from his skin and blood and changes according to his interests and his demonic image that appears in the form of an angel of a liar time and an ugly and ridiculous life that will haunt you.

Because of Jessica Azar: A new attack by Reem Nasri on her sister Asala raises controversy

Reem Nasri added in her statements to Ahmed Al-Dara that she was disturbed by Asala’s attendance at Jessica Azar’s wedding, her singing and launching at the party, and her sister’s house, which is only two streets away from the concert venue, and she did not think to visit him.

Reem Nasri continued that she does not believe that Asala did not attend her wedding, and refused to be in the audience, pointing out that she would not announce what Asala said to her at the time, stressing that even if she was busy and did not attend her sister’s wedding because of these concerns, why did she not congratulate her through her account on Instagram, for example, and added irritably: “I mean, what am I nobody?”

Reem Nasri explained, upset, that no one from her family attended her wedding because of the control of her authenticity materially over them, and because she is financially able, she is in control of everyone, and that this is the reason for her sadness.

Reem Nasri suffers psychologically because of Asala

Reem Nasri confirmed that she is currently suffering from a very bad psychological condition, and is subject toPsychiatric treatment Intensive because of this condition, pointing out that her condition during this period is very similar to that of her brother Ayham Nasri, who died years ago.

And Reem Nasri continued in an audio recording: “For all those who attack me, they say what they say, my body is no longer in a place to prick a needle.. I wish from the Lord of the worlds everyone who fought me and wound me by telling.. Time is round and no one puts a tent on his head and every person is like He doesn’t sow like he doesn’t reap… All the people who blame me and make love… I hope they go through a small part of what I and all my family went through.

She added: “Let me talk about the honorable family to which I belong, unfortunately. Tomorrow, if one of them comes out and publishes a family photo, this photo will be fake, and any response will be a fake response, and unfortunately, we are forced to respond, today I am in a comfortable condition and have not slept for a long time. The wedding, and I could not bless her for the sweet bride, and I tried to take something that calms the nerves, and my psychological and health condition does not allow me to be with you on live.”


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