Because of a simple comment .. Mona Al-Saber is subjected to harsh criticism


Mona Al-Saber, the mother of Bahraini actress Hala Al-Turk, allowed her followers through the Instagram photo-sharing application to interact with her and leave their questions to her, and she was keen to answer some of them through the (Story) feature.The mother of the Bahraini artist, Hala Al-Turk, responded to questions about her case with the latter and her fate after the expiry of the second deadline to pay the amount, to reply, saying: “God willing, anything is clear with me, I will certainly tell you about it, invite me,” according to (her).

The woman was subjected to a lot of harsh criticism after she commented on a follower who praised her daughter’s songs, describing her as honey, to respond spontaneously: “Honey produces nothing but honey”, which exposed her to many criticisms on the grounds that she flirted with herself, and some accused her of being jealous of her daughter.

The Bahraini artist appeared after a long absence with the song “Layali Al-Sumf” with the Lebanese artist Jad Choueiri, and she appeared to her fans in a live broadcast on (Instagram) and answered some of their questions and ignored the comments she asked about her mother and the case, expressing spontaneously her longing and eagerness to meet her fans.


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