Bayoumi Fouad recalls memories of a play he watched 38 times | Video


The artist, Bayoumi Fouad, during his visit to the “Saafan TV” program on MBC Egypt, recalled his memories with the university theater in his college, the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Zamalek neighborhood, specifically a play that he was impressed by and watched 38 times.

Bayoumi Fouad said: “When I entered the college, I went back to my preparatory year of fine arts. I was watching the college theater, but I was fascinated. There was a play called Our Children in London that I watched about 28 or 38 times. I took a part of it and staffed a small stage and worked for it behind the scenes. I found very professional children who would benefit from seeing them in the private sector theatre, and every play that you see is sweet, they know how to say it, but they are complete, even though they are very rigid.”

He added: “The important thing is, what made me say that it is useful to remain an actor is that I always watch them, I say the thousand before them, I say a higher need from my point of view, and after they accompanied us, I kept telling them about it, and they like it strong, either if there is an actor who is surprised, upset or happy. You meet me while I’m doing the re-action and I don’t care, and my colleagues started to worry, and I kept telling myself I know how to do this.”

It is reported that Bayoumi Fouad is currently showing him in the cinema the movie “Mama is pregnant”, starring Laila Elwi, Bayoumi Fouad, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Mohamed Salam, Hoda El-Etrebi, Nancy Salah, and the film is written by Louay El-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim.

The “Saafan on TV” program, presented by the young artist Mustafa Al-Banna, presents various segments and discusses rich social issues in an attractive comic style, while presenting a number of entertaining and lyrical sketches in a sarcastic manner.


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