Bayoumi Fouad owns a hotel in the events of the series “The Return of the Prodigal Father”


The series “The Return of the Prodigal Father” was written by Amin Jamal, Muhammad Abu Al-Saad, Muhammad Fathi, Ibrahim Rabie, directed by Ahmed Abdel-Al, in his first directing experience, starring Bayoumi Fouad, Abeer Sabry, Iman Sayed, Khaled Mansour, Amira Hani, Hajar Afifi, Nour Qadri And a number of other artists who appear as guests of honor, including Sameh Hussein and Mohamed Abdel Rahman.

It is reported that Bayoumi Fouad shows him a number of films in cinemas, including “Mama is pregnant” with Laila Elwi, “Ahmed Notre Dame” with Ramiz Jalal and “Dido” with Karim Fahmy, and he appears as a guest of honor in the movie “One Second” with Dina El-Sherbiny. And Mustafa Khater, and the movie “The Bag” is expected to be released on June 15.


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