Battlefield 2042 full reveal


After a lot of waiting and suspense over the past few days, publisher Electronic Arts and developer team DICE are now coming out to us and announcing a new Battlefield game that comes with a different name, Battlefield 2042, which comes with an exciting campaign title, “The New Generation of Battlefield.” This is because the game offers revolutionary ideas and many changes to the series that will definitely bring it back into competition with other shooting and action games.

Thanks to the capabilities of the new generation devices and the technical progress experienced by the video game industry recently, it has made it easier for the DICE team to present its creative ideas within this game, especially since the game will return again to modern wars, and it will take us forward in the near future, specifically in 2042.

Battlefield 2042, as we know, comes from the development of DICE and also DICE Los Angeles, which is now led by the famous developer “Vince Zampella”, CEO of Respawn studio, also of EA. Battlefield 2042 entered the development stage 3 years ago, and for this the game comes, as we mentioned, with a new slogan, which is “The New Generation of Battlefield.” The game took its full time in the development process and aims to create a revolution in team shooting games, especially as it will now support a large number of players at the same time. Where 128 players can compete with each other at the same time and across the same map across new generation devices and the PC, which adds an uncharacteristic range to the multiplayer shooter games.

Of course, with the return of the game to modern wars, all new weapons are back with vehicles that fit the time period and also different ideas and strategies that will make the battlefield a better place for all players to spend many hours playing.

With Battlefield 2042, the world is on the brink, a shortage of food, energy and clean drinkable water has led to an unexpected catastrophe, creating the largest refugee crisis in human history, and a new formation called Non-Patriated made up of families, farmers, engineers and even soldiers amidst that crisis. Meanwhile, the United States and Russia are drawing the world into all-out war, and these Non-Patriated will have to join both sides, but not for the sake of defending the flag or the country itself but for their future in this new world.

The Specialists system is back again, but in a different way. As we mentioned, the game is the new generation of Battlefield. The game offers a different Specialists system from its predecessors, although it is inspired by the four traditional Classes, but here it is different, whether in terms of customization or even access to an arsenal of weapons and new tools For players, all those ideas with the new Specialists system offers a wealth of options to players, knowing which style of play suits and benefits them on the battlefield.

Battlefield 2042 will be the evolution that the Battlefield series deserves throughout its history, and it promises to provide the ultimate Battlefield experience that fans of the series are looking for. DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson said they were excited about the studio and how much they had enjoyed the development of this game, and that now is the time to let players go, as they offer three distinct and epic experiences, and that upcoming Battlefield players will definitely love them.

The game Battlefield 2042, which is considered the most ambitious among the parts of the series, includes three different experiences, as the game developer mentioned above, beginning with All-Out Warfare, which returns again to provide the next generation of the most famous playing styles in the history of Battlefield, where we will see a major shift in playing styles such as Conquest and Breakthrough, which will include the largest game map ever in the history of the series, which will hold 128 players at once, or 64 against 64 others.

  • All-Out Warfare will offer massive battles like never before, with dynamic changing weather during gameplay, environmental hazards and stunning global events, with hurricanes ripping the gameplay map, and sandstorms blocking the sun, all of which create an extraordinary game experience.
  • Hazard Zone is a fresh and new gaming experience that will offer a variety of gameplay styles and even what we’ll see in All-Out Warfare.
  • There is another game experience that has not been officially revealed, which was developed by the DICE Los Angeles team, but the developer indicated that this experience is a message of love to Battlefield players, and that it will make them feel like they are at home, and this phase is supposed to be officially revealed on July 22, next During the EA Play Live 2021 conference.

Last but not least, it was officially announced that Battlefield 2042 “The New Generation of Battlefield” is officially coming on October 22nd on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which will be available at a price of $ 59.99, while on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC on Steam and Epic Games it will come at a price of 69.99 dollars.

EA confirmed that the game’s pre-order is now available, and players who pre-order the game will get early access to the beta versions of the game that you will get during the coming period.

Battlefield 2042 comes in three different versions, the first, as mentioned above, which is the regular version, and the second Gold Edition comes at a price of $ 89.99 via computer and $ 99.99 via home devices, and in the last there is an Ultimate Edition version at a price of $ 109.99 via computer and $ 119.99 via home devices.

It is reported that the 128-player experience and mega maps will only be available on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC, while there is a maximum of 64 players for older generation devices, with the map size being reduced of course across those devices.

Finally, the game will get the official gameplay presentation on June 13, and wait for us at that time to know all the details of the gameplay, and to know our own impression of the game.


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